Everyone is always talking about how they are making niche tight web sites, or that they make most of their money in niche markets. While this is wonderful and great to hear, the majority of people will never tell you what niche markets they are actually focused on. Rightfully so, they shouldn't.

Niche markets can be big, but many are small and if you are making crazy money in one of those areas, you don't want to spread the word and bring in some new competition to hurt your ROI.

If you aren't currently focused on any niche markets, or just looking for something new, I have compiled a list of seven different resource sites that can help you pick and research different niche markets. Keep in mind that niche markets and keyword volume always change through out the year. Most of these sites allow you to search what was hot, any previous day of the year.

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Source : Zacjohnson.com

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Date de publication : 2008-12-07

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