When you're pitching for SEO business, what objections do you hear most often ?

Knowing what objections to expect, and how to handle them will help you win business. Here are nine common objections made by SEO clients, and a few ideas on how to deal with them.

  • 1. Search Engines Will Find Us/We Already Rank
  • 2. We'll Have To Redesign Our Site. That Costs Money
  • 3. SEO is Expensive
  • 4. Upper management Won't Support It
  • 5. Why Should We Change The Way We Write Just For Search Engines ?
  • 6. SEO Doesn't Work. It's A Scam!
  • 7. We Have A Strong Brand, So We Don't Need SEO
  • 8. We Like Flash. It's Cool!
  • 9. Are SEO Services Really That Important ?

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Date de publication : 2008-11-24

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