After 12 long months of brainstorming, testing, developing, and analyzing, the wait is finally over. Today, I'm ecstatic to announce some very big developments here at SEOmoz. They include:

  • Index of the World Wide Web – 30 Billion pages (and growing!), refreshed monthly, built to help SEOs and businesses acquire greater intelligence about the Internet's vast landscape
  • Linkscape – a tool enabling online access to the link data provided by our web index, including ordered, searchable lists of links for sites & pages, and metrics to help judge their value.
  • A Fresh Design – that gives SEOmoz a more usable, enjoyable, and consistent browsing experience
  • New Features for PRO Membership – including more membership options, credits to run advanced Linkscape reports (for all PRO members), and more.

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Date de publication : 2008-10-06

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